The Lazada IPR Protection Team was set up in March 2019 and charged with the mission of developing a comprehensive IPR protection programme at Lazada, so as to foster a healthy and safe e-Commerce environment that supports fair and sustainable commercial activity for all participants across Southeast Asia. Aside from designing, developing and implementing Lazada’s IPR protection programme, our team also actively engages with rights holders to ensure that they maximise benefits from the programme and to obtain ongoing feedback and suggestions for improvement. With product authenticity at the core of its mission, the IPR Protection Team is committed to preserving the trust that consumers and merchants repose in Lazada. The IPR Protection Team believes that the e-Commerce environment should be premised upon respect for intellectual property rights, fair and just practices, and quality merchandise. In this way, they can contribute to the laying of a strong foundation for the growth of vibrant and innovative enterprises across the region.