Securing Southeast Asia’s digital future for youths
through education and career growth opportunities
Securing a digital future for women and youths in Southeast Asia through career and education opportunities
As Southeast Asia’s leading digital commerce platform, Lazada is committed to nurturing and providing opportunities to young talent and women across its markets with Lazada Foundation. Through the Foundation, we aim to empower youths, women and communities, and build a pipeline to sustain growth and innovations for the industry. With a view on the long-term growth and potential of retail and eCommerce, Lazada believes that by investing in youths, closing the gender divide and building communities, we can accelerate progress in commerce and technology for a sustainable future.


Established in 2022, Lazada Foundation, aims to award scholarships and provide growth opportunities to talented youth and women across Southeast Asia.

The scholarships are designed to support young talent to pursue their education and excel academically without financial hurdles standing in their way.

In addition, they will also receive career and internship opportunities, which will contribute to their holistic development and enable them to be better prepared and equipped when they enter the workforce in the future.

We believe that investments in youths and women can help advance progress in the industry and beyond.


The growth of the Southeast Asian eCommerce industry can be further boosted if more women are encouraged to join the industry. In fact, our joint research with International Finance Corporation found that more than USD280 billion could be added to the industry between 2025 and 2030, if more women receive better training and financial support.

As part of Lazada’s ongoing efforts to narrow the digital divide and promote gender equality for women in tech and eCommerce, Lazada Foundation will be incorporating avenues to support young women through the scholarships and women sellers through other initiatives, such as the Lazada Forward Women Awards.

We aim to economically empower women to realize their full potential and get a head-start in this dynamic industry.


With operations in six Southeast Asian markets, we aim to positively impact the wider community and the markets in which we serve. The financial support and career growth opportunities provided by Lazada Foundation will go towards promoting a more inclusive and diverse eCommerce industry of the future.

Apart from recognizing young talent with outstanding academic excellence, Lazada Foundation also provides opportunities to underserved communities, such as underprivileged youths and women, through partnerships with non-profit organizations.

This is in line with our ongoing commitment to give back to society, alongside other initiatives such as our digital giving platform, LazadaforGood.
We create opportunities for women and youths to learn, land and thrive within the digital ecosystem by working with governments, brands and partners to open doors in today’s VUCA world